Pace 4 Change works with clients and organizations to tailor diversity training, keynote presentations, workshops, educational series and other approaches that make sense for each group's needs. Here are examples of the variety and kinds of workshops and presentations we provide:

Journey 4 Change:

Cultural Competence for Personal, Organizational and Community Change

This engaging session provides a framework for understanding cultural competency development as an ongoing process of personal, organizational and community change.

Voices 4 Change:

Developing Skills for Difficult Discussions about Differences

Learn to use your voice and engage in dialogue in powerful and effective ways to interrupt bias, prejudice, discrimination and oppression based on race, gender, class, disabilities, sexual orientation and other differences.

Partnerships 4 Change:

Building Authentic Relationships and Partnerships Across Differences

Organizational and community-based change efforts are enhanced and strengthened by healthy, high-trust relationships. This session focuses on building and sustaining authentic relationships within and across differences.

Learning 4 Racial Equity:

Deepening Our Understanding of Issues of Race

Issues surrounding race and racism can be very challenging for groups to wrap their minds and hearts around. While most scholars agree that race is a social construction, it profoundly impacts the life outcomes of children, adults, families and communities of color. Understanding race also means understanding whiteness, white privilege and power. This session provides a supportive and challenging learning environment in which people learn about the complexities of race, racial healing and racial equity and ways they can work together for change.

Bridges 4 Change:

Exploring the Complexities of Class and Classism

Many of us were taught that it's rude to talk about issues of class or that we live in a "classless" society. This session shines a light on important issues of class and classism and provides strategies for building bridges and working more effectively across class differences.

Cultural Competency 4 Educators:

Creating Pathways to Positive Youth Development and Academic Success

This session connects positive youth development with issues of diversity and cultural competency. It focuses on ways that educators and youth workers can create welcoming, inclusive, equitable learning environments that support the success of all children and youth.

Media Literacy 4 Change:

Developing a Critical Lens for Media Messages

Developing a critical lens through which to examine larger societal messages – including those in the media – is essential to the process of change. This session focuses on the impacts of the media in our lives – and in the lives of youth – and provides strategies for developing resiliency to messages that are too often laced with limiting, inaccurate and damaging stereotypes.

Working Together 4 Change:

Creating Youth and Adult Partnerships for Positive Change and Social Justice

This session engages youth and adults in dialogue, learning and action planning in order to build intergenerational partnerships focused on positive community change and social justice.

Facilitating 4 Change:

Educating and Facilitating for Transformation, Change and Social Justice

In this session, you'll learn ways to create supportive, challenging and powerful learning environments that foster dialogue and transformational education around the complex issues of diversity, multiculturalism and social justice.

Healing 4 Change:

Exploring the Intersections of Race, Gender, Class and Other Differences

This session invites people to explore the intersections of issues related to race, gender, class and other differences and honors our full humanity, nourishes wholeness and investigates the complexities of our lives. Dominant and subordinate identities are explored as we analyze systems that historically and currently advantage some at the disadvantage of others. Participants lean into personal healing as a pathway for positive community change and social justice.

The Business Case 4 Diversity:

Strengthening Our Organization Through Diversity and Multiculturalism

This session focuses on how an authentic commitment to issues of diversity and multiculturalism can strengthen the relevance, excellence and growth of your organization and provide a welcoming and inclusive environment in which diverse staff members can create, produce and thrive.

Leadership 4 Change:

Skill-Building for 21st Century Multicultural Leadership

In this session you'll learn ways to increase your effectiveness as a leader in your organization and in your personal and community life by drawing on principles of multicultural leadership.