Our Approach

Pace 4 Change provides powerful, engaging, transformational education that invites people into a process of learning, growth, healing and change. Participants learn to sharpen their focus on issues of diversity as we explore the complexities of race, gender, class, disabilities, sexual orientation and other differences. We analyze these issues at the personal, interpersonal, institutional and cultural levels, and learn strategies for creating positive change at all of these levels.

We do not provide "cookie cutter" or "one size fits all" approaches. Instead, we listen to you and learn about the goals you have for your group and focus on the issues that need to be addressed. We use a variety of strategies to assess your organization and then suggest ways we can work together to reach your diversity and multicultural goals. Read more about the underlying assumptions of our work.

Some people prefer to think of this work as cultural competence development. Others prefer the terms anti-oppression, diversity training, social justice education or multicultural organizational change. All these approaches have value and one may resonate more than another for you or your group. Pace 4 Change is unique in that we draw from many approaches to customize learning and change processes that best suit your group or organization. See examples of some of our workshops.